Cross mobile app development with Flutter

The employees of the vogella GmbH company have helped their customers to develop Android applications for more than 10 years. Now they help them develop cross mobile applications with Flutter.
Take advantage of this expertise and get this online training.

  • Topic: Flutter
  • Language: English
  • Fee first year: €99.00 excl. VAT
  • Each following year: €20.00 excl. VAT
  • Content:
  • Features:
    • >100 pages of script
    • 37 hands-on exercises
    • continuous updates
    • one year access
    • reduced price all following years

Why this training?


  • done_allGet access to comprehensive and coordinated exercises.
  • done_allReport problems with the exercises via the integrated issue tracker and our experts will solve them within a short time.
  • done_allLearn how to professionally develop Android and iOS applications with Flutter.
  • done_allGet access to an extensive script with around 500 pages, which examines every aspect of app development with Flutter.
  • done_allContinuous updates of the training material are always available.
  • done_allStrength and deep the learned knowledge through the development of a comprehensive training example.
  • done_allCompared to the tutorials the training is guided, you find more material and you can ask questions regarding the material to the vogella employees.

Learning Portal

Which topics are covered?


Overview of Flutter development

  • The Flutter architecture
  • The Dart programming language
  • Installing the tools (VSCode + Dart Code, Flutter SDK, Android SDK, iOS related Stuff)
  • Starting your first App
  • Tips & Tricks for Flutter development

UI Elements

  • Overview of the widget hierarchy
  • Building user interfaces

Data storing & network communication

  • State management
  • Making network calls
  • JSON in Dart

Dart package manager

  • Overview of Pub
  • How to integrate and use packages (Widgets)

Platform specific code

  • iOS specific code
  • Android specific code
  • Possible further integrations

Flutter Testing

  • Debugging
  • Testing

Flutter deployment

  • Building for iOS
  • Building for Android
  • CI options

Design guidelines

  • Design guidelines for iOS
  • Design guidelines for Android